What To Expect

What results can you expect from working with Dr. Eichelberger?

Imagine a life with more focus, energy and freedom. A life where you are free to get more done every day. A life where you feel more alive, awake and motivated. A world where your vision of ideal health becomes reality and you take back control of your life.

This approach is the result of over 43 years of specializing in ways to achieve optimal health and performance. You will discover and correct the deeper underlying causes of stress and health issues. And with that knowledge, your health and quality of life will be transformed.

When you approach your health naturally, be prepared to enter a world where possibilities become actualities. Where rapid improvements become the norm. Where a new way of being and doing will escalate your quality of life. Here's why:

Breakthrough Results That Will Transform Your Health

What You Can Expect When You Engage Work With Dr. Eichelberger?

You will clearly understand what has prevented you from reaching optimal health and performance. When you work with me, you will experience a leap in your performance. You will be much more aware of the choices that enhance your energy, focus and overall effectiveness. And you will know how to implement those choices.

Your thinking and focus will sharpen. No matter how well you think now, imagine how much more you will accomplish with additional clarity and focus. You will think more clearly and focus effortlessly. Think about the advantage this gives you in today's increasingly complex world.

You will increase your level of emotional resilience. This is where your "A game" resides. When you can deal more effectively with your own emotions, it fuels your creativity and responsiveness. You will find yourself responding rather than reacting to stressful situations.

Your energy level will skyrocket. With more energy, much more is possible. Not only can you accomplish more, you will also find that you get things done more efficiently. That frees you for creative work or play. You get more time to enjoy your success.

Your aches, pains and other symptoms will become non-issues.Symptoms are warning signals your body sends you. When your body is firing on all cylinders, it handles symptoms with ease. Your body doesn't need to send those signals when you are in the ideal zone of health. The result? No more symptoms.

You will experience greater joy and satisfaction in your work and in your life. When health issues that have been holding you back disappear, you have the freedom to enjoy every part of your business and personal life. And when these health issues are corrected at their root, you perform at levels you never have before.

This Unique Approach Transforms Your Health... And Your Life

The breadth, depth and unique diversity of this approach has been the secret weapon for many of our clients.

Here's why.

There are thousands of doctors you could see. Some follow old-school approaches. Some address surface symptoms and short term fixes. Some stick to academic approaches far removed from real world health challenges.

Dr. Eichelberger's approach is different. He specializes in giving you optimal health and performance. Most physicians focus on symptoms and helping you get by. He focuses on maximizing your health potential and metabolic efficiency. In other words, we get down to the deeper underlying cause of the symptoms. And by fixing them at this level, the possibilities for dramatically improved health multiply.

When You Want Peak Health, This Approach Stands Out from the Crowd in Three Important Ways

1. Our broad, deep health care experience/expertise provides hard-to-beat client results. In the past 42 years, we have worked with thousands of patients, including CEO's and executives, as well as professionals in all fields. We have in-depth expertise and experience in both finding the real cause of health issues and fixing them at the root.

2. We understand the unique health challenges and needs of busy, successful people. That is our core specialty. There are two primary health issues facing high achieving people. They either burn the candle at both ends, potentially spiraling them into burnout, breakdowns and more serious health issues in the future. Or they hit a wall and stagnate into a slow decline in energy, focus and motivation.

Dr. Eichelberger uncovers the real issues in either of these situations. His unique approach defines and assesses that next level of health potentials and practices necessary to support deep re-balancing and restoration of optimal health.

3. This is a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional approach, delivering real health results. Most physicians focus on one primary specialty. And even general practitioners are overwhelmingly focused on a disease model. You might characterize it as, "Have this problem, take this pill." It is an adequate way to address individual symptoms, but completely misses the bigger picture of building health.

As a patient, your advantage is that you will have access to a wide spectrum of proven health-building disciplines. These include Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Neurotransmitter Testing, Metabolic Typing®, Environmental Pollution and Heavy Metal Toxicity Panels, Mediator Release Testing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and more.

This multi-focal approach is a systematic and rapid way to uncover the deeper issues driving health issues. More importantly, it creates the possibility to reach higher levels of health and wellness. You will shift your habits and change your mental models that prevent you from getting to the next level of health and wellness. You will begin to think differently about health and find the motivation to reach your goals.

Now that you have a better idea of the results you can expect by working with us and our unique approach, click here to contact Dr. Eichelberger to set up an initial consultation.