Patient Results

Do Natural Healing Methods Really Work?

There are many ways to address health issues.

Below is just a small sample of patient success stories from Dr. Eichelberger's files to give you an idea of the results patients can get when working with him.*

You may recognize some of your own health challenges in one or more of these case studies. Imagine if you could achieve similar improvements and what it would mean for your productivity and quality of life.

Read These Sample Case Studies:*

52 Year Old Professional Woman Gets Her Life Back

After months of increasing pain and two different doctors recommending surgery, this professional found that the real problem was deeper. Her pain vanished after only two appointments. And within six months she felt like she had her life back again in multiple ways.

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73 Year Old Vice President Gets His Mojo Back

This successful man was experiencing low energy and multiple aches and pains. In addition, his sex life was dwindling. With some persistence and the right tests, we uncovered the deeper issues. The treatment protocols made a lasting difference.

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45 Year Old Real Estate Investor Drops Her Stress

This real estate investor already had a busy life before she got hit by an ongoing stressful business situation. Although she dealt with it as best she could, it eventually it got to be too much. Once we started treatment, her stress got better fairly fast, but even better, everything else got better as well.

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* IMPORTANT: Please note: All case studies are of actual patients. However, to protect patient confidentiality, all names have been changed in these case studies. In addition these results are unique to these individuals. Your results may be different since your situation is unique to you. Contact me to learn if these techniques can help you reach your health and wellness goals. See our privacy policy page for more information.