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Confirming Your Metabolic Typing Order!

You will receive a receipt for your order via email. 

You can start completing your MT questionnaire by going here:

Once there, you will click the link in the left column to access the form.

To submit the form you will need the following information where indicated:
Advisor Name: Dr. Bruce Eichelberger
Advisor Number: BE733
Instructions For Filling The Form:
  • The form doesn't save between sessions. If you will need time to think about the answers, print out the form and fill it out so you can easily go back to the online to transfer the answers and submit the form.
  • For multiple choice questions, choose the answer that reflects your experience most of the time.
  • If you can't decide which answer applies for you most of the time, skip the question.
  • In the section on psychological tendencies, if you are uncertain between options in a question, ask someone who knows you well.
  • When you've completed the form you'll see a confirmation page.
  • I will send your results within two days of you submitting the form. At that time I will send you a link to schedule your first follow-up meeting. We can meet at my office or by Zoom. Please indicate your preference when scheduling.
Contact me if you have any questions.