Healing Class – 2016

Cosmic Eye

There is but one source of healing. It is the origin and essence of every approach to healing ourselves and others.

And, of course, people need healing now more than ever. But if you are called to do healing work, there are important questions to answer:

  • How can you best help people heal in a way that bypasses reactivity, opposition and resistance?
  • How do you find the balance between understanding habitual, self-limiting disease realities and creating a new, healthier life for yourself and your patients or clients?
  • How can you find and keep your inner balance while working with people?

No matter what unique approach to healing resonates with you, these are questions that every healer must address at some point if they want to be truly effective.

The bottom line? You want to be the healer you were meant to be.

If that’s you, then I invite you to consider the upcoming healing class for 2016. It is designed to support your journey and create opportunities to unfold the deeper meaning of your calling.

Who should consider attending?

  • Those who are just beginning the healer’s path. Starting off with a deep understanding of how the healing process really works will be invaluable as you grow in skill and experience. And it will speed the process dramatically.
  • Those who’s healing work is developing. If you’ve followed a particular path in offering your healing work to people, you can benefit from rounding out your understanding and skill set. This class will help you dive deeper into what works. You can apply this learning to what you already do, or expand your scope of practice.
  • Advanced healers. Those who have walked the healer’s path for many years are always learning. It is an endless process. The knowledge, and especially the interactions with others on the path, offer the potential of quantum leaps in effectiveness.

Topics include:

  • Tapping the original source of health in yourself and using it to help others.
  • The role and practical application of intention in the healing process.
  • How to insure you get the most effective results possible with every person you work with.
  • The three levels of healing and how they work together.
  • Achieving instant rapport to facilitate healing.

And much more.

The 2016 class starts on August 30. Class size will be strictly limited to insure the highest quality experience for every student. It will last 6 months, meeting every 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm.

If you feel this class may offer something  that will further your work, please contact me for more information by filling out this form. I will reply personally.

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