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46 Year Old Real Estate Investor Drops Her Stress And Finds Her Life Again

Sylvia Stewart, a 46 year-old real estate investor came in because of extreme stress and anxiety due to business issues. She had always been able to deal with stress from her work and her busy life before without problems.

However her situation had been increasingly stressful over several years. She had dealt with it well for much of that time, but had finally reached the point where it was interfering with her life.

After our initial consultation, we agreed on a course of action. Within 1 month of starting, she was substantially better. Her external stresses were still there, but she had regained her resilience.

After six months, she reported being much less reactive in the face of big problems. She also had more energy, and was able to accomplish more every day. That left her time to spend with her busy family life. Her family noticed the differences and were very happy with them.

Most importantly, she was no longer bothered by the stress. She reported feeling great and being more productive than ever.

She commented to me:

Nothing in my outward situation has changed. All of the things that brought me to that dark place are still there. The business stress, the relationship troubles, all of it. The thing that changed was my mindset and my outlook. And that is what has made the difference.

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