52 Year Old Professional Woman Gets Her Life Back

Joanne Dunphy, a 52-year-old professional woman at the head of a high profile division of a local organization came to see me to address unusual pain symptoms she was having.

She was busy dealing with her active professional life and difficult issues in her personal life. She told me she hadn't had time to pay much attention to the symptoms her body was giving her.

But finally these symptoms become impossible to ignore. She had severe abdominal pain in the area of her gall bladder. Two doctors had found nothing in X-rays and cat scans, but still recommended removing it. She wasn't convinced and came to me to explore her options.

By her second appointment, the abdominal pain was gone. But more importantly, we had uncovered the deeper causes of the pain in the first place. She never had gall bladder surgery.

As we worked together, the real results showed up in every area of her life. Within six months of coming in, she sent me an email. In it she said:

"I am enjoying each moment of my life more every day. My boss actually commented on it this week! And I have a deep sense that whatever happens, I can manage it. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this journey of healing that you are giving me."

In my 47 years of working with patients, I've see that catching symptoms early makes avoiding bigger problems in the future easy. The added bonus is that the small changes made now translate to greater productivity now and in the future.

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